Benefit of Exam Room Allocation's Software
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Process which consume maximum of your time, can manage in very nominal time.
  • One Person can handle all seating arrangements for all classes and for all students.
  • No Confliction in making the seating arrangements for all classes.
  • You can adjust two more classes in one room by just selecting the series.
  • You can also add private candidates in any exam.
  • You can also add studentís names for any exam.
  • No Need to waste time in making signature sheet, you can also print it for any particular exam.
  • Same class students will not sit on same bench.
  • Get summery of each room that how many students of which class giving exam of which subject.
  • By selecting date and time you can see how many classes having exam and how many students giving exam.
  • You can also manage morning and evening exam.
  • Teacherís arrangements for all rooms can also done automatically or manually.
  • If two or more classes have different no of students, donít worry it will arrange the extra students in next selected room.
  • You can add any subject which you are teaching in your institution.
Departments and Staff:
  • You can add Departments of your institution.
  • You can add Teacherís name under his Department.
  • You can Add Class with his section name. It Can be as A,B,C or any name like 9th Parhlad, 7th Druv etc.
  • You can select any range of Roll Nos.
Private Students:
  • You can also put extra Roll Nos. of Private Students.
Subjects Selection with one Click:
  • With just one click you can assign any subject to all your students
Optional Subject Selection:
  • You can also select optional subject of any student like if all student have subject English then with one single click you can assign English subject to all student and some student have taken any optional subject like music and some taken physical education then you can select manually which student have music subject and which have physical education subject.
Names of Students:
  • You can also enter Names of your students.
Excel Plug in for Names uploading:
  • We also give the facility of update the names of students by Excel Sheet uploading.
  • You can also add Room Nos. Floor Nos.
  • You can enter any numbers of lines though that room is normal type or hall type.
  • You can also select the capacity of bench in each line like bench in that room is one sitter or more.
  • You can also select the number of bench in each line as you desired.
  • You can also add Date-Sheet with morning or evening exam of all classes with their relevant subjects
Just Select options and make sitting arrangements for Students with in SecondsÖ
  • By selecting date and time you can see how many classes and students appearing in exam on that day.
  • You can choose rooms for examination.
  • You can select teacherís duty manually or auto with facility of no. of students per teacher.
  • You can also get facility to show names of students with their roll number on room allocation.
  • You can also print the signature sheet of that day with studentís name , Roll nos., Classes etc.

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